"Say No to Pig Hand": Anti Public Transport Sexual Harassment Favorite 


May 17 2017


Guangzhou, China

Leilei Zhang was harassed on a public bus when a man gripped her hand, glared at her and refused to let go. With the determination to raise public awareness, Leilei began a crowd-funding campaign to raise money for what could have been China's first public anti-sexual harassment advertisement. She approached the authorities of her home city, Guangzhou, but it did not want to take on the advertising for fear it would panic the public. So she decided to become a walking advertisement herself. Describing herself as a "weirdo" with pink hair and a pink outfit, she wanders around public areas in Guangzhou wearing billboards warning of the dangers of sexual harassment on public transport. She also printed and delivered 100 similar billboards to volunteers around China asking them to post on social media a picture of themselves with the billboard near recognizable landmarks and in public transport to support the cause.
The hashtag #Iamabillboardonthemove and #Walkingagainstsexualharassment started trending on China's Twitter-like Weibo site, as people shared their experiences.

Miss Shi from Beijing, Miss Hu from Nanjing, Xie Shuang from Shanghai responded to Leilei’s call, wearing the billboards everywhere in order to raise awareness of sexual harassment happening in public space in multiple cities and called for actions from women and girls to fight for their own rights.

The successful initiative was halted by the authorities abruptly. The women’s voices were silenced, ignored by China’s mainstream state-run media. Leilei Zhang was forced out of her own home. However, the government started to put ads on subways, borrowing words from Leilei’s campaign to call for people to speak up against sexual harassment in public.

*Leilei Zhang is a pseudonym

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