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Apr 23 2015



Colony collapse disorder is a colossal issue – and artist Louis Masai wants you take notice. His street art project “Save the Bees” aims to catch your attention by covering the walls of London with bees. Bees are extremely important to agriculture as they pollinate plants - yet entire colonies are disappearing without a solid reasons (there are theories, mostly about pesticide ingredients). Louis understands that people don’t really care much about the problems they don’t face every day, so he informed them via the medium of bee graffiti. To that end, he joined forces with artist Jim Vision and took to the streets of London, painting these (oft illegal) murals. And they got quite big! They also featured the “Save the Bees” hashtag, a nice touch separating it from general street art.

Louis’ project didn’t end there. They organized a sort of “Save the Bees” “family day”. The aim was to inform Londoners of businesses aside from the agricultural industry that will be affected by the collapse. Hiver beer, Dead Gents clothing and Inkkas footwear were all in attendance. In addition to that, everyone received seeds from Thompson and Morgans, so they could plant some plants and help the bees in their own small way.

If you want to read about a beehive that is built to tackle colony collapse disorder, check this out http://www.demilked.com/bees-easy-honey-tap-flow-hive-stuart-cedar-ander...

Campaign video https://vimeo.com/124956902

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