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Dec 1 1996

Since her breakout show, Penis Nailed to a Board, held at south London’s City Racing gallery in 1992, British artist Sarah Lucas has never shied from making a statement. Working with sculpture, photography and installation, the Goldsmiths graduate and prominent YBA member has honed her provocative and playful oeuvre to question culturally prescribed notions of femininity and sex.

Using Marcel Duchamp, the godfather of conceptual art, and his legendary urinal installation as a constant reference throughout her career, Lucas harnesses the associative power of found objects and the ready-made in her work. This punky, DIY aesthetic was originally born from necessity during Lucas’ years as a cash-strapped student but has become a defining feature of her practice ever since, one that reveals our own Freudian conditioning through her suggestive handling of everyday objects.

Picture: Au Naturel, Sarah Lucas, 1994. (I attached the image below)

These have included buckets, fried eggs, tights, chairs, courgettes, newspapers, Lucas’ ability to find sexual euphemism in just about anything reflects both our own cultural obsession and its mood of comedic absurdism. In Sausage Film for example, one of the artist’s earliest video works made in 1990, Lucas is filmed being fed a sausage by her then-partner, fellow YBA artist Gary Hume, while suppressing laughter between mouthfuls. Another key early work, Au Naturel (1994), sees a grubby mattress half-propped against the wall, while a pair of melons and a bucket sit next to two oranges and a cucumber in an irreverent recreation of a couple post-coitus.

Food and its connections to human body parts has remained central to Lucas’ work. Sculptures like Two Fried Eggs and a Kebab (1992), Bitch (1994), Chicken Knickers (1997) and One Thousand Eggs: For Women (2018) offer visceral objectification of human orifices. Similarly, in photographic self-portraits like Eating a Banana (1990) and Self-Portraits with Fried Eggs (1996), Lucas challenges conventional gender stereotypes by juxtaposing masculine identity tropes with overt sexual innuendo. With a direct and uncompromising gaze fixed directly at the camera, the artist’s androgynous appearance and James Dean-inspired macho posturing taps into the same mood of sexual ambivalence as her sculptures

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Through Sarah Lucas' various works which include Self Potrait with Fried Eggs and Au Naturel she attempts to challenge the existing gender norms and constructions imposed on both women and men.


Many of Sarah Lucas' works have been displayed at many prominent galleries and museums (i.e. Tate Modern) where they were viewed by large amounts of people from all over the world. Her potent creations evoke a strong sense of discomfort and resistance contributing to her visual artwork's effectiveness.