The Root-Systemic Racism Favorite 



Jul 5 2020



"When it comes to the effects of the virus on black lives, the roots run deep.
This is one of the hardest illustrations I’ve ever done. Not because of the tree - but because of the overwhelming nature of the subject at hand. Seeing headlines like “Blacks are Dying at Higher Rates from Covid-19” SHOOK me!
Now, more than ever, systemic racism has to be addressed. This list is only scratching the surface of all of the ways that racial inequity plays out in the day-to-day lives of black Americans.
I definitely plan to do more content on ways we can practically love on and serve vulnerable communities during this time, but the foundation of it all MUST be acknowledged. It won’t be a quick fix, but we can all do our part to destroy inequity by hitting it where it really hurts- the ROOT "-Danielle Cook

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