Red Envelope Movement in London Favorite 


Feb 14 2021



World Microphone (世界麦克风) is an organization created by students (most of them are Chinese) located in London. The organization has an account in RED, which is a popular social media in China. It often holds interviews and movements on the street in London, talking about world culture, food, and travel. Then, it makes short videos based on these interviews and movements and posts the videos on RED. Recently, the organization held a movement call "Red Envelope Movement in London", giving red envelopes with some money as gifts to random passerby. They held this movement because it was the 2021 Chinese Lunar New Year at that time. They were giving red envelopes because this is a traditional Chinese custom. The red envelopes represents the great wishes of the giver, wishing the receivers will have good luck in the following year. The purpose of this movement was originally to spread Chinese culture to London people. But it also had an extra outcome. Because of the Covid-19, 2020 was a very tough year for all people in every country in the world. Many people had a bad year. One passerby who received a red envelope is a food delivery man. Because of the pandemic, he lost his original job. He was obviously very touched by the movement, feeling warm from the little behavior of strangers. Thus, this movement also call people to care more about others. Facing the pandemic, all people, no matter where they come from, are belong to a big family and can warm each other.

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