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Jul 4 2013


Pittsburgh PA

We have learnt that Barbie’s body is literally unattainable, but in a role reversal, Pennsylvania-based artist Nikolay Lamm shows us what Barbie would look like if she had the body of a real woman.

Using the measurements of an average 19-year-old woman, Lamm created a 3D model, which he photographed and compared next to a standard Barbie doll.

According to the Daily Mail, it reported that Lamm’s 3D model looked “a lot more natural”.

“If we criticize skinny models, we should at least be open to the possibility that Barbie may negatively influence young girls as well,” Lamm said. “Furthermore, a realistically proportioned Barbie actually looks pretty good in the pictures I produced.”

“So, if there’s even a small chance of Barbie in its present form negatively influencing girls, and if Barbie looks good as an average sized woman in America. What’s stopping Mattel from making one?” Lamm added.

What Barbie Would Look Like If She Had The Body Of A Real Woman
By John Yong, 03 Jul 2013

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