Putting LSD in Chicago's water supply Favorite 


Aug 20 1968


Chicago IL

As the Yippies prepared for protests at 1968 Democratic National Convention, Yippie Paul Krassner rattled Chicago leaders by suggesting that the Yippies were planning to put LSD in the city water supply. As Abbie Hoffman said at the Chicago Seven trial: "I read in the paper the day before that they had 2,000 troops surrounding the reservoirs in order to protect against the Yippie plot to dump LSD in the drinking water. There isn't a kid in the country, never mind a Yippie, who thinks that such a thing could be done."
This action clearly never happened - the threat itself was the action. Compare the showering of dollar bills on the stock exchange - an action that may or may not have happened!

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This action was a roaring success in that it never occurred but succeeded in making a lot of people laugh, and communicated... something.