Project Ukko Favorite 

Alex King describes Project Ukko in detail for Huck Magazine (March 17, 2016):

"Moritz Stefaner’s Project Ukko turns climate and wind data into an immersive art installation that allows viewers to explore the future of the planet."

"We live in the data age – whether we like it or not. Never has so much information been amassed about us and the world around us. If that information is used productively, it offers huge potential to overcome the biggest challenges we face as a society, from climate change to crime and infectious diseases. But as the Snowden revelations demonstrated, whether that data is always being put to use with our best interests at heart is another matter altogether."

"Moritz believes that free and open data can be a powerful force to empower bottom-up movements and allow us to take greater control over our lives. But it can also help us come to terms with our biggest challenge: the future."

And King quotes artist Moritz as explaining that "Climate change seems very remote and very abstract...Somehow we need to give these vague predictions about the future some sort of central reality in order to be experiential."

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