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Jun 1 2016



In 2013, Ghana ThinkTank received a Creative Capital Award for Emerging Fields, enabling them to begin the multi-year ThinkTank at the Border project. In this project, they are collecting problems from civilian border patrols like the Minutemen, "Patriot" groups, and Nativist organizations, and bringing them to be solved by think tanks of undocumented workers in San Diego and recently deported immigrants in Tijuana.

At this stage in the project, we have met with these opposing groups over 2 years to collect problems and solutions, and are beginning to strategize with the Minutemen groups to implement the solutions from the Immigrant think tanks. Because many people we are working with on this project are operating in precarious legal situations, most of what we are doing has had to remain anonymous, and sometimes even confidential. In an effort to create a public side to this important work, we have spearheaded two more visual and public-facing aspects.

Ghana ThinkTank is working with German designer Adrienne Finzsch to develop a “problem air drop.” Based on her design for international aid drops, we are flipping their intended purpose, dropping packets from an aircraft that ask Mexicans to help solve American’s problems.

In a collaboration with Torolab, an award-winning Mexican art and design group, we have worked with a variety of think tanks in Tijuana to create a border cart designed to help people cross the US/Mexican border. Outfitted with interactive screens, the cart allows people to present problems and give solutions pertaining to immigration and the border, creating a public think tank about the border, at the border.

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