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Apr 2 2016


London England

April 2nd, 2016, organized by members of the Aids Coalition to Unleash Power faction in London, five activists stormed London's Gilead Pharmaceutical offices and frantically disrobed to reveal painted backs spelling out the word 'Greed." About 30 other activists rallied outside the building.

ACT UP spokesperson Tommy Clayton, 28, said: “We’re here to expose the lies that companies like Gilead are pedalling about R&D. They use the excuse of research costs to charge exorbitant prices.We’re demanding fairness in the price and equality in access to these drugs”.

Gilead is the same company manufactoring Truvada, the Pre Exposure Prophilaxis medication that when taken daily has been proven to be upwards of 98% effective in blocking HIV infection. The drug has not yet been approved for distribution in the UK while more trials are conducted to decide if its distribution is 'cost effective' to the company.

“We stand here naked, completely vulnerable, a state in which the current system leaves millions around the world. We also stand with bareness and honesty, and we demand that drug companies be exposed in the same way.” - Protester, Jake Chambers.

The group disbanded and dawned their clothes before London police arrived on the scene.

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