A Performance workshop “Misplaced Women?” 1 Favorite 


Oct 29 2015



“Misplaced Women?” is an art project-workshop by Tanja Ostojic in which she and project`s participants – artists , art students , cultural workers and activists: Nela Antonovic, Gorana Bacevac, Nadezda Kircanski, Tatjana Beljinac, Milica Jankovic, Tamara Bijelic, Irena Djukanovic, Bojana Radenovic, Marija Jevtic, Irena Mirkovic, Jelena Dinic, Sanja Solunac and Suncica Sido showed the everyday life activities that are characteristic for migrants, refugees and other persons forced to travel -extracting their bags and backpacks, and then returning all of the content in the bags. During the performance which has been presented in the park in front of The Faculty of Economics in Belgrade, they were joined by individual refugees.

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