The Ovarian Psycos 1 Favorite 


Jun 1 2010


Los Angeles CA

Ovarian Psyco-Cycle Brigade (OPC) are womxn of color, sisters, mothers, overgrown knuckleheads, riders, writers, students, wage slaves, hustlers, artists, MCs, poets, intellectuals, radical scholars, passionate womxn, environmentalists, urban farmers, medicine womxn, militants, feminists, renaissance womxn, fearless fierro riders and modern-day charras on steel horses!

Outside of working with OPC – we work with youth and the community. We do because it heals and fuels us. We were raised under cultural norms that told us that brown is not beautiful, that Womxn of Color are to be meek, subservient and what we should be afraid of freedom. We work daily to break these norms. We know that another world IS possible and it is our duty and responsibility to pass that knowledge on to other young Womxn of Color.

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