Ottawa Eel Walk Favorite 



May 21 2018


Ottawa, Canada

"Around 30 people gathered on Victoria Island Monday morning to advocate for the return of the endangered American Eel to the Ottawa River.
The event mixed art with activism, with attendees carrying windsocks decorated to look like as eels as they marched to Parliament Hill.
The marquee creation was an 8.2-meter-long replica of an eel, which had to be carried by six walkers."

"The goal of the walk was to both raise awareness of the eel's importance to both Indigenous and Canadian history and press the government to do more to save the species, said Larry McDermott, executive director of Plenty Canada.
The non-profit organization supports Indigenous peoples and other community groups in their work to protect the environment."

"Luc-Anne Salm, an artist and activist who helped organize the event, said she hoped the creativity of those who took part would foster awareness.
"Art has a role to play," she said, "It stimulates people's imagination. It helps people fall in love with this creature."'

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