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Mar 16 2020



This was a protest posted on Change.org in response to NYU's forced eviction deadline on students living in on-campus housing.

The following was the information posted on the site:
We, the undergraduate student body of New York University, strongly urge NYU to rescind the call for students to evacuate NYU residence halls before March 22nd.

President Hamilton’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak is not only inconsiderate and rash, but also highly irresponsible for many reasons:

Many students have already flown back home for spring break, and may not have the money or resources to return to New York City in order to pack their belongings, especially with only a week’s notice and travel restrictions being implemented.
Recent discussions regarding international travel restrictions pose a huge concern for NYU’s large population of international students, for whom it will be incredibly difficult to travel to and from New York City.
The option to allow for NYU to pack and ship students’ belongings is a disgusting invasion of privacy. This is not a viable solution to the problem at hand and could potentially increase the risk of infection.
Urging students to fly back to New York City during the peak of this outbreak, when all other establishments are closing and when self-isolation is strongly encouraged, greatly heightens the chance of infection and contact with the virus.
The student body desperately urges President Hamilton and the Office of Residential Life and Housing to rethink the range of possible solutions for the issue at hand and allow students to keep their belongings in the dorms until it is safer and more convenient for us all to return and complete the move-out process.

Although we cannot predict the future, right now is certainly not the time for us to travel to and from a high-risk area such as New York City.

Make student safety your priority.


Undergraduate Student Body at New York University

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