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Mar 8 2014


Paris France

On 8 March 2014, International Women’s Day, several female activists (Amina Sboui, Aliaa Magda Elmahdy, Solmaz Vakilpour, Safia Lebdi, Meriam Russel and Maryam Namazie) protested nude in support of women’s rights in the Middle East and North Africa in front of the Louvre pyramid in Paris.

Equipped with Tunisian flags, Iranian arc-en-ciel and French, the women undressed before entering the museum and walking on the edge of the ponds surrounding the pyramid. They chanted “freedom secularism equality”. “We did this in solidarity with Arab women who are stoned throughout the Islamic world, throughout the Arab world,” Sboui explained. “It is against sharia, against sexism, against stoning, against the burqa, against the veil.”

Paris police said they arrested these women for baring their breasts and more outside the pointy-pyramid entrance to the museum in front of dumbstruck, applauding tourists. But they were released after identity checks.

One of the naked protesters, Amina Sboui, is a former member of a Paris-based exhibitionist group called Femen renowned for its topless protests. Last year Sboui spent more than two months imprisoned in Tunisia for allegedly desecrating a cemetery by writing "Femen" on a wall.

Here is the link to the video about the action on Youtube:

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