#NoKidsInCages Artists Install 20 Cages With Models of Children Inside Across NYC 1 Favorite 

The ad agency Badger & Winters in collaboration with immigrant rights nonprofit organization Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services (RAICES) installed 20 cages with mannequins representing immigrant children inside across New York City. Each cage had a sign that said #NoKidsInCages and played audio of a child crying.

The piece was conceived in response to the unchanged immigration system and the number of children being separated from their families and held in detention centers. In a press release, Badger & Winters stated, "The #NoKidsInCages campaign is intended to reignite concerns about the border crisis and remind people and those in power that the safety of children is not a political issue."

All of the installations were removed by the NYPD by the afternoon.

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