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Dec 31 2020


Taipei Taiwan

President of Taiwan, leader of the Democratic Progressive Party(DDP), Tsai Ing-wen, at a press conference with no early forecast on August 28, 2020, announcing that from January 1, 2021, American pigs containing ractopamine (Ractopamine) will be opened for those over 30 months old U.S. cattle are imported. Furthermore, the administrative order has only a 7-day notice period.
The discussion of the import of ractopamine-containing pigs from the United States to Taiwan is a typical political and diplomatic event under the cloak of economic issue. Taiwanese are very nervous about the food safety issue brought out by the import of American pigs containing ractopamine, and there is a wave of opposition to this policy among the people. The second large party in Taiwan, Kuomintang, has also become the major fighter of opposing the imports of American pigs containing ractopamine (Ractopamine), and has aroused people's resentment towards the DPP through propaganda methods within its capacity.
A non-governmental organization was established, the Taiwan Anti-ractopamine Union.The group held a New Year's Eve activity "No Poisonous Pigs" on December 31. By this activity, people expressed their dissatisfaction with the government's opening of the import of the pigs in a silent demonstration, and the activity continued until to next morning. At the same time, Kuomintang organized the "Last Authentic Taiwan Pig Dinner" activity to against this government order.
In this movement, the integration of the interests of the civil society and the political party is very obvious. The similar situation also exists in the most social movements. Under this situation, how to identify the political interest and the social interest? Are people defending something consciously or under persuading?

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