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Feb 7 2021



"An atmosphere of fear and anger spread across Myanmar this week as millions of people awoke to find out the military had taken control, ousting the elected government.
But how do you fight back in a country where protests have been violently suppressed before?
For some, it has meant putting pen to paper and taking the battle online.

Clanging pots and pans:
One Burmese artist, known only by the pseudonym Pen Holder, says they believed it was their "duty" to protest through art. Their drawing depicts an entire Burmese family - from young to old - all gathering together to bang pots and pans in protest, a scene seen across the country in the evenings since the coup.
The picture has since gone viral, shared thousands of times by those on social media.

The three-fingered salute:
"I drew this as a citizen who is dissatisfied with injustice," Mg Pyi Thu - not his real name - tells the BBC.
In his drawing, Mg Pyi Thu prominently features the phrase "Remember, remember the first of February", a nod to the famous quote "Remember, remember the fifth of November" - a reference to a failed bid to blow up the British Houses of Parliament in 1605. This, he says, is to remind Myanmar's citizens of what happened on that fateful day.

The milk tea alliance:
The milk tea alliance has brought together protesters in Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and, more recently, India. The anti-authoritarian hashtag - inspired by the classic drink loved in all four countries - began as a way to show solidarity with each other's pro-democracy movements."

By Yvette Tan
BBC News

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