Monuments to Illegal Garbage Favorite 



Mar 15 2019



This urban action was consisted from mapping of over 50 locations of illegal garbage disposing sights and signing of 16 places across Macedonia where people dispose large amounts of heavy garbage and constructive waste. Idea of this action was to create public pressure through creative communication about issues of illegal waste disposing and to force authorities to act against this problem, to clean this places and to disable further illegal waste disposal on non-adequate places in the nature. Surroundings of Skopje, Tetovo. Gostivar, Kichevo, Ohrid, Struga, were targeted by this urban action. Besides putting signs directly on the garbage sites we also sent photography’s from the sites to in charge institutions like Skopje City inspectorate for environment and to Ministry of environment and spatial planning of republic North Macedonia.

The action just after installing last signs on 20 march get great attention from the public and media and in only several hours after the publishing we have over 40 media announcements (including national TV stations) and incredible amount of shares and posts on social networks which help us to make our action topic of the day and to maximize impact. On this place we would like to appoint that thanks to media attention that action get and media pressure that action provoke City of Skopje take an action and clean some of the places that were part of the intervention.

We have confirmation for at least 8-10 sites that are cleaned, including one in the center of Skopje.

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