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Feb 1 2002



After the economic crisis of December 20, 2001 in Argentina, there was a growth in the participation in all types of protests and claims of the different sectors affected by the crisis (against banks by savers, roadblocks and mobilizations of picket movements, state employees in municipalities and government houses, neighborhood assemblies, etc). The situation that was experienced led the protesters to seek new and varied reporting strategies. The proposal for a new way to protest called Mierdazo. it consisted of inviting the whole society dissatisfied with the social, political and economic situation, to save, carry and throw their own excrement or that of a friend, family member or pet, at the gates of the National Congress at the same time in which the deputies debated the economic budget for the current year Under the slogan: "It is not suspended due to rain or diarrhea" an installation and performance were carried out in which a actor disguised as a sheep, sitting on a toilet located on a red carpet, defecating in public. Then he was imitated by other protesters who felt the need. Others chose to take off their clothes and get naked in front of the government. The media impact allowed the concept of the action to expand to other parts of the country. For instance, in Mar del Plata, trucks full of shit were unloaded in front of the banks by the people who lost their savings.

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It made a scene, and although the impact isn't clear it did the work of exposing or pointing to the officials responsible for the economic crisis.