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Feb 1 2013


Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Artistic Activist, Charlotte Claire, is at the forefront of initiating revolutionary change in mental health care. Her project, The Babyfacedassassin, is dedicated to improving mental health care and inspiring people to care for their mental health.

Mental Health Care Revolution: FEEL IT! represents the action that individuals and communities are taking to care for their mental health in ways that embrace the full spectrum of human experience, without pathologising or medicalising psychological, emotional and spiritual challenges.

Disenchanted by the current culture of medicalising moods and emotions, to the degree whereby human beings are seeking psychological and emotional relief from a scientific model that is designed to treat biological disease, Charlotte Claire has created The Babyfacedassassin. Her personal story of triumph over suicide attempts, depressive spells and self-harm, using ways that moved away from psychiatric intervention, motivates her to change the way society views these human experiences and how we can support each other through them.

Charlotte Claire applies her skills in the following arts to spread her message for change far and wide:


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"Many thanks for your support. If my project resonates with, please contact me via my website."
Love always,
Charlotte Claire
The Babyfacedassassin

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