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Nov 19 2016


New York

At 12:00 noon (New York time) on November 19, 2016, Chinese artist Ning Kong, wearing a wedding dress with hundred dove, appeared at the 911 site in New York. Even though the theme of performance art is calling for peace, the police banned it and showed the handcuffs because doing performance art was not allowed at the 9/11 site. So Kong Ning turned to Times Square, New York, successfully completing her performance art.

The "Dove Wedding Dress" was brought to the United States from Beijing. It is composed of cellophane and inflated white peace doves. The silver cellophane wedding dress symbolizes the modern building and is composed of three pieces of 15-meter-long trailing that represent glass curtain walls. Kong Ning cut a hundred windows on the 45-meter-long "glass wall" trailing, so that all the floors open a window to let the beautiful peace dove fly to the window, which is for people to watch for a minute, then fly freely. The meaning of the installation of "Dove Bride" is that everyone longs for peace in the world forever.

In this "Marriage to Peace" performance art, the artist Kong Ning hopes that everyone who passes by her can blow up a dove of peace and sign his or her name. Through this performance, Kong Ning hopes that people will love peace regardless of skin color and borders, and cherish life without numbness.

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Audience will be invited to interact with the artist, which will leave them deeper impression, I guess. But the theme is universal and really hard to achieve, so I guess the performance would strengthen the awareness of public, yet it may be less effective into action.