#manifestjustice Favorite 



May 13 2015


Los Angeles

In the wake of the amount of police brutality that has been occurring since the dawn of the damn police, an institution that began as a way to find escaped slaves, across the United States, #manisfestjustice chooses to make its explicit artistic mission to demand that power take responsibility, and to provide avenues to community empowerment in the meantime.

As a collective of artists, #manifestjustice is the exhibition for the organization to say what it has to say in their voices without a filter. Stark images are the defining feature of #manifestjustice's work; an empty hoodie and jeans with a halo around its head, neon lights spelling out "justice" with "us" sprayed over the "ice" to read " just us". Their exhibitions tend to be in communities affected by crime, gang violence, and police brutality and they cover a range of topics that don't have to deal with violence, like LGBT rights. Their most recent work appeared in a community exhibition in Baldwin Village in Los Angeles.

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