Little Sun Favorite 



Mar 12 2014



Olafur Eliasson's latest project Little Sun was first debuted at the World Economic Forum on Africa in 2012. The global initiative is bringing tiny, sunburst shaped, plastic solar powered LED lights to the most marginalized regions of the world. Elliasson calls Little Sun, "A work of art that works in life."The lights are also capable of self renewable energy, which makes them practical and portable to those without proper electricity. The lights will also help to reduce pollution in many regions where they still rely on Kersone lamps for light. So far over 165,000 lamps have been distributed to places such as, Uganda, Kenya, Senegal, Ethiopia and South Africa.

As Olafur explained in an interview with The Guardian, "Art is always interested in society in all kinds of abstract ways, though this has a very explicit social component. The art world sometimes lives in a closed-off world of art institutions, but I still think there's a lot of work to show that art can deal with social issues very directly."

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