Life Pods Favorite 



Jan 25 2016



In Jan. 2016 Karl Mattson from Rolla, BC displayed some of his unique sculptures for exhibition at Lantern Gallery in Winnipeg, Manitoba. His 'Life Pods' are sculptures constructed using only found objects.Tools, metal fragments, debris, and fuel tanks are some of the components welded together forming both the solo pod, and the family size pod. The larger pieces were acquired near the pipeline embedding site near to his farm. Mattson describes his pieces as being directly oppositional to big oil companies lack of concern and residents lack of preparation for potential environmental crises from oil fracking. The finished pods are not merely for show. Once finished they are equipped with self containing breathing apparatuses, similar to what one might find with antique bomb shelters. The works were eagerly awaited for consideration and questions from many Manitobans already critical of hydraulic oil fracturing in their province.

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