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Mar 17 2009



'Learning To Love You More' is a digital and physical presentation of artistic responses from the general public. These "assignments" were facilitated under the creative direction of Harrell Fletcher and Miranda July, managed on a website by designed and curated by Yuri Ono. In 2010, the San Fransisco Museum of Modern Art acquired the website to persevere it as an archive. Many of the artistic responses were also displayed in various museums and exhibitions. Following basic instructions, over 8,000 participants were encouraged to guide people within the narrative of their everyday life experience. The 70 assignments included number 6. "Make a poster of shadows", number 11. "Photograph a scar and write about it", 33. "Braid someone's hair", 40. "Heal Yourself", and 68. "Feel the News". Undoubtedly, each response was quite varied both in format (audio, video, photographs, text) and content. The goal of the project was to compel individuals to create. As the leading artists explain, "the best art and writing is almost like an assignment; it is so vibrant that you feel compelled to make something in response. Suddenly it is clear what you have to do. For a brief moment it seems wonderfully easy to live and love and create breathtaking things. In this section we have archived some of the work that has commanded us in this way. In a sense, these are assignments -- in the same way that the ocean gives the assignment of breathing deeply, and kissing instructs us to stop thinking." The goal of 'Learning To Love You More' was in turn to "guide people towards their own experience."

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