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Jan 16 2016


montana, Idaho, Wyoming

Grey wolves have had a tumultuous relationship with their human neighbors in the Pacific Northwest for more than a hundred years. From nearly being wiped out from the continent, Canadian grey wolves started being reintroduced to the wilderness in the U.S.'s Northern Rockies as early as 1995. The wolves were (and continue to be) placed in areas dense with wilderness and potential prey. All too often they find their way to camp sites or other human populated areas. Rural homeowners and ranchers are the strongest opponents against wolf reintroduction.

Others consider wolves as a valuable part of the natural ecosystem of the Northwest. Many activists have made it their mission to ensure that the grey wolves reintroduction is a success and that those who unlawfully kill wolves are punished in accordance with the Endangered Species Act. 'Join The Pack' is an artist collaborative between Earth Justice and Creative Action Network enlisting artists to create wolf inspired pieces. Proceeds of the prints go toward protecting wolves.

One such artist with the network, Emily Kelley from Oregon, is a graphic and interactive designer who incorporates both hand drawn images with digital media to create pieces she hopes will convey that "wolves are a vital part of our environment and are beautiful creatures that can bring about a new perspective... I would hope that art can shed a new light on perception of wolves."

Tod Gilloon is also a collaborator with Join The Pack. His piece entitled 'Origami Wolf' is designed to remind people that from the perspective of the wolf, 'My future is in human hands.' Just as human beings were responsible for the near extinction of the wolves, it is now up to them to decide what kind of future they can have together.

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