Gangnam Style Used in Protests in China Favorite 

In early January, constructions workers in Wuhan, China staged a Gangnam Style protest in front of their employer's building. Using the Gangnam Style dance, the men sought to bring media attention to their mounting unpaid wages.

Several men are owed thousands of dollars by their employer. Construction employers neglecting to pay their employees in a timely manner, or even at all, is a common occurence in China. It has not been updated as to whether or not this protest has acheived the effect of these men getting their due wages. However, it has certainly inspired other parts of China to make use of the Gangnam style dance in political ways.

Most recently, people of the Henan provence in China filmed a Gangnam style video to bring attention to the Communist Party's practice of digging up graves to make way for farmland. Over two million graves have been desecrated by this practice. First efforts of protest included online petitions and since then, the protest has become widespread. The Gangnam Style video, which includes zombies arising from the grave, is fun and catchy like the original. Yet the lyrics relate to the issue at hand:

"For thousands of year, we have visited our ancestors' graves. This is our tradition.

You wipe your ass, dig up our ancestors' graves, and they are homeless.

They are moved to the public cemetery.
Then you cover the land with cement and take away the land forever.

Dig up the graves for agriculture, not a soul will believe this.

Fu Xi [the creator of humankind in Chinese legend] is stunned.

You use shovels to dig, move in the bulldozers, Fu Xi is stunned.

Dig up your own grave with 100 yuan reward, or else others will dig it up for you."

The video can be found on youtube or through this site:


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