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Apr 7 2014


United Kingdom

"Small charities of today are in threat. Charitable donations are down. Fewer people are donating. Those that do donate are giving less. Whilst bigger charities are better equipped to deal with this flux (with money to spend on large advertising campaigns), smaller charities are facing a more uncertain future. For the Pilion Trust, a small frontline charity working with homeless and disadvantaged people in London, times are tough. The Pilion Trust, alongside Publicis devised a plan to find out the root cause of this reduction in donations. The belief is that apathy is not at the heart of this down-turn. The Pilion Trust believe people do care, but that their feelings towards poverty are not translating into action. This campaign is designed to highlight this issue, and instigate action. With no money to spend on media, the best way forward was to use shock tactics to have an impact."

"The Pilion Trust has conducted a social experiment on the people of London to see if we really do care about those who are less fortunate. A man wearing a sign saying 'Fuck the poor' was sent out to the streets of the capital as part of a campaign for the charity by advertising agency Publicis. Londoners were secretly filmed taking the man to task for the offensive statement. Afterwards, the man flipped his sign over so that it read 'Help the poor' and he proceeded to ask for donations – but this time people completely ignored him."

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