The Ferengi Plan (AKA How to Throttle the FCC to Dial Up Modem Speeds) Favorite 



May 9 2014


The Internet

On May 9th, 2014,, installed measures designed to slow the bandwidth of the FCC's IP addresses on Neocities' homepage, throttling their bandwidth down to 28.8kbps modem speeds (the same speed as dial up). NeoCities has demanded a $1000 "ransom" to return the FCC's IP addresses back to normal operating speeds. This, they defend, was a stunt whose purpose was to draw attention to the type of behavior that will metastasize in the hands of the few most powerful ISP's and Corporate interests, if the FCC approves the Net Neutrality destroying proposal put forth by Chairman Tom Wheeler.

NeoCities' founder Kyle Drake put out a call for others to apply the same symbolic friction for the FCC on their own sites. He released the necessary code and a list of publicly available FCC IP addresses.

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