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Jul 7 2020



"My body is not pornography" — that is the slogan written under many of the social media posts inspired by Yulia Tsvetkova. Women are posting pictures of themselves showing off their curves, body hair and scars, along with feminist art and pictures of everyday objects that look like vaginas — like fruits or flowers.

The posts are in support of the 27-year-old artist and activist, who could face a jail term of between two and six years for distributing pornography online. The charges relate to a group called "Vagina Monologues," which Tsvetkova ran on the social network VK. The activist used the group to post other people's colorful and delicate drawings of vaginas. The group's description explains that the goal was to celebrate the female body and protest taboos surrounding it. Police also called her in for questioning about her own drawings, a series cartoons of women with captions like "Real women have hair on their bodies — and that's normal" or "Real women have muscles — and that's normal."

By Emily Sherwin

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