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Mar 16 2018


Guangdong China

On March 9, 2018, China's largest feminist platform "Voice of Women's Rights"'s Weibo account and WeChat official account were permanently suspended. Before being blocked, its Weibo account had 180,000 fans and the Wechat account had 70,000 fans. In order to retrieve the account, the staff of "Voice of Women's Rights" conducted a long-term struggle to defend their rights. They sent letters to the Central Cyberspace Administration of China and sent letters to various departments in Beijing and Guangdong to apply for information disclosure. After defending their rights on Weibo and WeChat platforms to no avail, "Voice of Women's Rights" filed a lawsuit to the Nanshan District Court in Shenzhen and the Haidian District Court in Beijing on April 4, requesting Weibo and Wechat to restore their accounts, apologize, and compensate 1 yuan for the loss. Since no response received from the two courts, the "Voice of Women's Rights" people went to the two courts on April 16 and May 14 respectively to file a lawsuit again, but they failed to file a case, and the court did not give reasons.

After the "Voice of Women's Rights" account was blocked, many netizens initiated support, but they were suppressed by social media management. On March 16, the seventh day when the "Voice of Feminist Rights" was blocked, several feminist activists held a "funeral" for the "Voice of Feminist Rights" in the ruins near a cemetery on the outskirts of Beijing. They named this performance art "Female Voice's funeral party". They said, don’t pass away silently, don’t let it go, don’t mourn but dance and roar.

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