Fanged Wilds and Women 1 Favorite 



Jan 1 2015



grrrRoar! Ecology is sexier when you focus on women and fanged beasts. Fashions in leopard print help us make that connection globally and online. Polluters at least pause at the reminder that nature isn't dead yet and in fact stirs the same passion as the woman you just met who's saying something about "Fanged Wilds"!

Panthers and other predators can be a totem for women to use our estrogen in ways that won't speed Climate Change. More and more wildlife reserves have women as park rangers, often armed and facing ruthless poachers. Drawing attention to those heroines is an end run around the austere sustainability narrative that most people ignore or attack.

Protest with us, link to us, and distribute posters you can download off our website ! Enjoy the shocked look you may get, like when a "little old lady" explained she was in Indonesia to save sharks... when Muslim women wear leopard-print veils... or a store in Norway selling wolf-fur coats is plastered with our pamphlets.
"We are nature defending ourselves."

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