Experience Getting Old Before Getting Married Favorite 



Apr 12 2021



Simple Wedding Movie is an organization in China that cares about love and marriage and offer marriage service. It made a short video with the theme: experience getting old before getting married. Most people would get married in a young and beautiful age. During that time, they are young and beautiful. Because of that, young couple may more likely to have passion and love for each other. However, what about when they are getting old and not as beautiful as now? Will they lose their passion and love at time time? Thus, the organization intended to let the volunteers to see each other at their old age and see their reactions. In this video, a couple who volunteered to the activity used different makeups to make them looks like getting old. It is very impressive that as they were "getting old", they got so moved and cried, but they always holding each other's hands tightly.

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