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Aug 21 2012


Sao Paulo Brazil

São Paulo went through a process of privatization of the public spaces. The local government implemented several rules that beneficiated the real state speculation, the city is expensive, and it's not for the poor.
Besides that, in october the elections were a hard game for the progressive party, PT, since two conservative candidates had big shares.

Existe Amor em SP was a meme to reinforce the desire of progressive politics, in areas such as gay marriage, the occupation of public spaces (such as the Rose Square, which has been taken by rollers and skateboarders but, forbiden by agressive policemen).

The city is taken by policeman, the "order" is been implemented but the people want to regain the streets.

Existe Amor em SP started with a meeting every week, began with 20 people and in 1 month they were more than 200 people among youngs, elderly, children, women, homeless, and so on.

We need more love in São Paulo!

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