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Apr 24 2013



Started by UK resident Laura Bates, The Everyday Sexism project is an open forum for women to record their stories of experienced sexism. The project was started as a means to show that gender inequality and sexism pervade contemporary society.

The website's main aim: To provoke responses so numerous and wide-ranging that the problem becomes impossible to ignore. To report the way you have been treated, even if it has not been taken seriously elsewhere. To stand up and say ‘this isn’t right’, even if it isn’t big or outrageous or shocking. Even if you’ve got used to thinking that it is ‘just the way things are’."

When Bates first started the project, she thought it would be small and would consist of mostly friends. Over the course of a year her project spread like wildfire with stories of women of all ages from all over the world.

Recent entry:

"Overheard a bunch of guys behind me in a queue, talking about my costume for the party:

Guy 1: "Hah, look at that outfit. She might as well be carrying a sign saying 'Rape me'."

Guy2: "Nah, I've seen her from the front. You'd have to put a bag over her head just to get it up."

Guy 3: " Just do it from behind, they all scream the same anyway."

In addition to the often disturbing and heart-wrenching posts, Bates has received a lot of hate-mail. One of many messages read: "You experience sexism because women are inferior in every single way to men. The only reason you have been put on this planet is so we can fuck you....Please die."

In spite of these this hate-driven backlash, the website has garnered much support and publicity. The website has now spread to nearly 20 countries with resident women running the local content.

A book documenting this project is currently in the works.

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