Emergency Fund for Trans Community Amid COVID-19 Favorite 

During the current COVID-19 outbreak in New York, many transgender people are experiencing a loss of income that, over the next few days, may increase dramatically.

Like other communities that are experiencing an emergency situation, throughout the country, transgender people do not have a salary. Lacking minimum labor rights, the lack of a job, they cannot receive any benefit that helps them to pay the basic basket with non-perishable food, water and personal hygiene products. Many transgender people live on a daily income, but due to the crisis many transgender people are well affected and in precarious and poverty situations.

Our community faces a crisis.

From LGBT Center Intercultural Collective Inc and Lorena Borjas Community Fund, we are launching this campaign to raise an emergency fund to help members of our community who need it most. All donations made to the LGBT Center Intercultural Collective Inc and Lorena Borjas Community Fund from March 17 to April 30 will go directly to this fund and provide mutual assistance to our community partners in New York City and who are located in serious financial difficulties.

We ask for donations from allies, organizations and other sex workers who feel able to help.

Please support the community during this uncertain time. We know that times are tough for everyone right now, for which we appreciate donations of all sizes. No amount is small.

More information about LGBT Center Intercultural Collective Inc: We are a social organization that promotes the development of the integral, cultural and social health of TransGNCNB people in Queen, we promote trans-specific, trans-inclusive and trans-directed initiatives aimed at strengthening, empowering and fully exercising our rights, express use and autonomous decision of our bodies and gender identities, in order to contribute to the transformation of the world in which we live and diminish all forms of discrimination.

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