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Feb 8 2020


New York City

From an article in BoredPanda:
"If you’ve ever felt like your voice and opinion doesn’t matter in the vast world, then Seth is here to prove you wrong. This New Yorker runs the ‘Dude With Sign’ Instagram account where he uploads photos of himself protesting the strangest, weirdest, most random things. And the best thing is, we can relate to most of what he’s written on his signs.

He voices the annoying things that we wish we had the guts to tell others. Yes, we all deserve free guacamole! Daylight savings has no place left in the modern world! There should be more chips and less air in bags!

We collected some of the very best protest signs, so scroll down and enjoy! Let us know which of his funny posters were your favorites and which of Seth’s causes you agree with the most. Don’t forget to upvote the pics you liked best as well."


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How does this project help?

Timeframe For change


The photos usually has many instagram likes and shares. Not sure, how effective it is, other than it reaches many people's phones. If the purpose was to create a collective protest through social media, then it was very effective.