Do Not Talk About Climate Change Favorite 



Oct 15 2013


Calgary Alberta, DC

Franke James put up "Do Not Talk about Climate Change" posters around cities to raise people's awareness on climate change issues.

The artist cited that many Canadian cities are ill-prepared for catastrophic weather. CBS reported that “Many Canadian cities and towns are ill-prepared for the rising frequency of catastrophic weather events like the southern Alberta floods, and it’s a problem that taxpayers will ultimately end up paying for, climate change experts say. “There are other disasters waiting to happen in other parts of Canada, but Calgary is a good poster child for inaction on warnings they received not too long ago,” said James P. Bruce, former Environment Canada assistant deputy minister.”

The government responded to the artist's work, “The artist’s work dealt mostly with climate change, and was advocating a message that was contrary to the government’s policies on the subject.” Jean-Bruno Villeneuve, Spokesperson, Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada.

The spokesperson’s words are memorably featured on Franke James's “Do Not Talk” poster. The image is of the Canadian Parliament buildings (in Ottawa, Ontario) dropped into the Mordor-like Alberta tar sands.

The street posters are part of her campaign to get Ottawa talking about climate change. A topic the government really do not want people to talk about.

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