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Feb 1 2007



DIWO (Do It With Others) is a distributed campaign for emancipatory, networked art practices instigated by arts and activist network Furtherfield in 2006.

The term DIWO - Do It With Others was first defined in 2006 on Rosalind - Upstart New Media Art Lexicon. It extended the DIY Do-It-Yourself ethos of early net art, punk & Situationism, towards a more collaborative approach, using the Internet as an experimental artistic medium and distribution system to foment grass-roots creativity.

The first DIWO Email Art project started with an open call to the email list Netbehaviour, February 1st 2007. The call drew on the Mail Art tradition proposing to bypass curatorial restrictions to promote imaginative exchange between artists and audiences on their own terms.

“Peers connect, communicate and collaborate, creating controversies, structures and a shared grass roots culture, through both digital online networks and physical environments.”

Participants worked 'across time zones and geographic and cultural distances with digital images, audio, text, code and software. They created streams of art-data, art-surveillance, instructions and proposals in relay, producing multiple threads and mash-ups.’. Co-curated using VOIP and webcams the exhibition at HTTP Gallery displayed every contribution an email inbox, alongside an installation of prints of every image, and a running copy of every video and audio file submitted. Every post to the list, until April 1st, was considered an artwork - or part of a larger, collective artwork - for the DIWO project.

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