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Oct 3 2014


Brooklyn, NY

Call it art, exhibited as an installation piece in the October 2014 show "Crossing Brooklyn," a collaboration of more than 100 artworks by 35 artists (or groups) who live or work in Brooklyn, presented at the Brooklyn Museum... or call it "A survey of Art from Brooklyn" as hyperallergic journalist Jillian Steinhauer wrote... it exists on the streets as a social practice, albeit using creative means for community-building.

Biography: "Tatlo consists of Sara Jimenez, Michael Watson, and Jade Yumang. The three met while completing their MFA at Parsons the New School for Design and started to perform together in 2012."

Action: "Surveying different neighborhoods of Brooklyn to procure peoples thoughts from various demographic points of view."

There you have it folks! This is a "survey" where pedestrians are invited to fill out a questionnaire and/or participate in an interview, within the portable construction of a "booth" debuted in the exhibit above mentioned.

As a "a sneak peak of what [they] are working on leading up to the Brooklyn Museum! [The Facebook] clip [provided] is in Bay Ridge!" the group's strategy was to "make it a success by donating to [their] Kickstarter campaign!" and bringing public awareness beyond Brooklyn and into the pockets of anyone wanting to contribute to community action.

The campaign is identified as "performance art" initiated in 2013, D.A.T. "seeks to collect, archive, and share the mundane and extraordinary routines, thoughts, and details that structure various groups of people. Our goal is to accumulate and reflect back the unconscious and conscious thought patterns that weave through and interconnect populations. We are driven to build bridges between the private spheres of individual lives."

Questions? Support? Contact the project director! Join the 55 backers who pledged $2,150 of the $2,000 fundraising goal. Proceeds go to funding the project's extensive travel to different neighborhoods of Brooklyn, assistant fees, and materials

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