Demonstrators hold “flower strikes” across the restive country Favorite 



Apr 2 2021



Opponents of military rule in Myanmar have marched, observed "flower strikes" and sought alternative ways to communicate after most users were cut off from the internet, undaunted by the bloody suppression of protests during the past two months.

The authorities, who have already shut down mobile data, ordered internet providers from Friday to cut wireless broadband, depriving most customers of access. In response, anti-coup groups shared radio frequencies, mobile apps such as maps that work without a data connection, and tips for using SMS messages as an alternative to data services to communicate.

Hundreds of people have been killed demonstrating since the February 1 coup, and many people have been using social media to publicize the security forces' excesses and to organize against military rule.

Across the country, demonstrators held "flower strikes," leaving bouquets, some with messages of defiance, at places associated with activists killed by the security forces. People held up roses while making three-finger salutes, a symbol of resistance. Entire benches were covered in flowers and anti-coup messages. One arrangement of dandelions and red roses on a lakeside walkway read: "Myanmar is bleeding."Despite the internet shutdown, users were still able to upload pictures of marches, flower strikes, and a funeral of a slain protester. An image shared widely on social media showed an overhead view of hundreds of flickering candles on a dark road, forming the words "we will never surrender."

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