Aug 1 1919

Counterspace is an independent curatorial platform and the first decolonial thinktank mapping cultural activism worldwide. Shaped by the phases of the decolonial process, Counterspace unlearning toolkit proposes common resources and experiences to unpack and redefine so far consisting of decolonial publications, a decolonial library, decolonial labs and forum talks. And Counterspace relearning toolkit proposes common resources and experiences to reconnect holistically so far consisting of a radical imagination library, a mutation school, a mutants podcast, and a cultural activism global directory browsable by continent, praxis and social construct. A Beuys-inspired ‘social sculpture/organism’ network which by connecting the dots, links the experiences and culture shakers creatively decolonising culture, while inspiring others to join the collective machinery towards change.

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User indicated total effectiveness in many ways, towards the "long-term campaign goal" of "decolonialism" - but with no evidence at all.

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