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May 5 2015



The Colors Mountain is a collective intervention project that uses a virtual space dedicated to the observation and investigation of alleged ecological crimes , with the goal of using the concept of "reasonable doubt", not only for possible court acquittal but also cause a formal investigation that could lead to a court complaint.

Authors, from the perspective and methods of work of a civilian intelligence unit, provide the development of four autonomous spaces.

The Red Mountain, using techniques of espionage and social control.

The Green Mountain, studying the ecological changes in a given field.

The Yellow Mountain, analysis spaces contaminated nuclear, chemical or biological.

The Blue Mountain, systematic archive of declassified documents and court decisions.

Developing these four spaces, not only seeks to establish a line of communication with the general public, but in parallel, try to establish direct communication channels with "supposed" environmental aggressors.

The general purpose of the team is not naming companies and individuals, such as "alleged" environmental aggressors, but to obtain a series of visual tests, which through its global positioning by satellite geolocation, deliver an reasonable doubt in any viewer, whether what they are seeing is "supposedly" illegal or not.

Through all these tools, araises a reflection on responsibility as a society, we have to indiscriminate aggression are inflicting a global natural space.


The Colors the Mountain, is not responsible for the material, or the methods for obtaining the same, delivered by third parties or anonymously.

The Colors Mountain is dedicated to the study and cataloging of "alleged" attacks on natural areas for documentary purposes and artistic.

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