Chinese Feminist Act Against Sexual Harassment on Subway Favorite 



Dec 1 2017


Hangzhou, China

Zheng Xi 郑熹, a Ph.D. candidate with a focus on gender studies at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou. Zheng has launched a campaign asking city governments around China to display anti-sexual-harassment logos, complete with a groper’s “salty-pig hand” visual (etymological context here), alongside other commonly displayed public safety logos on places like subway trains and buses.
“Changing people’s way of thinking is a long and difficult process,” said Zheng, who also goes by the name Zhu Xi Xi 猪西西 in her feminist work. She is starting with municipal policy because she recognizes the government power to change people’s minds and also to shut down movements. But she believes that the voices of those who stand up matter, and she hopes that these voices will continue to grow. “Whether [the government decides to change policy] or not is not because it is right or wrong — it depends on how many people try to push it to do so, it depends on what we do,” she said. “I cannot guess what the government will think, but I can be sure that if more people notice this, then the government will have to notice, too.”

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