Chinese Air Quality Images Exhibition: The Breath of China Favorite 


Sep 19 2014


Pingyao China

The Breath of China is a thematic photo exhibition of thousands of air-quality images taken by 44 photographers in 34 Chinese capital cities. The exhibition was displayed on the 14th Pingyao International Photography Festival (PIPF) in Shanxi Province, from September 19th to 27th, 2014.

The idea of The Breath of China origins from a unprecedentedly serious smog occurring in several provinces in China on February 14th 2014. The pollution inspired a member of Siyuefeng Studio, a civil photography club. He proposed to conduct a project, by means of shooting images for consecutive days in various places in the country at the same time every day, to present an objective image of air quality all over the country so that the public may get a full picture of China's air condition. The proposal gained acceptance from the supervisor and wide supports from members.

Finally, Siyuefeng invited 44 members from the capital cities of 34 administrative areas, requesting them to shoot images of their differed fixed places at the same time each day (between 8:00 am-9:00 am) for a consecutive period of 40 days (from mid March to late April 2014) and recorded their true feelings during the process. These photos are clear and objective memos of worrisome air quality situations of most Chinese cities.

The exhibition in PIPF has three sections: the first section is air-quality images filmed by 46 photographers and the corresponding air quality index forecast data. The second part is about what photographers thought while taking these photos, which also reflects public opinion toward air pollution. The third section displays equipment of “smog survival manual” supplied by a civil air quality agency that introduces the knowledge relating to smog, air and how to protect from the harm of smog.

Due to the importance of its theme, The Breath of China became the focus of the photography festival attracting not only patrons but also media in Mainland and Hong Kong. There were more than ten thousand persons signing on photo broads depicting their own hometowns appealing for the better environment.According to Soho, a known Chinese network news, thousands of audience considered the exhibition as heart quake. Xinhua News Agency, a national news agency, also commented The Breath of China as one of seven can’t-miss exhibitions in PIPF.

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