Chicago Gun Share Program Favorite 


May 10 2018


Chicago IL

'Gun-sharing' stations in Chicago use art to make a point about gun violence.
Users can’t actually grab a gun from the stations, but its creators hope the installation will send a message about how disturbingly easy it is for a citizen to acquire an assault weapon—as easy as renting a bike. They can also make a donation to the Brady Center and learn more about the campaign's gun safety efforts.
"Our hope is to raise awareness of this important issue. We're hoping the Chicago community can take advantage of this ... and learn how simple it is for a civilian to obtain a weapon of war," said Max Samis, Brady Center press secretary.
"Our goal here is to start a conversation on one of the more burning issues of our day, and in the process, raise much-needed funds for the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence," said Vinny Warren, The Escape Pod executive creative director. "This issue is especially relevant to our home town of Chicago, which has suffered more than most from the plague of gun violence."

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