Chalk it up Day with Bubbles at NYU Favorite 



May 2 2014


New York University

Last Friday, on May 2nd of 2014, a group called The Student Debt Resistance @NYU hosted its first public engagement at Washington Square Park. The co-creators coined this event Chalk Day. The goal of this special day was to raise student awareness to the massive amounts of debt that they undertake as NYU students.
The event began as soon as the three organizers began to write a few words in colorful chalk letters. Minutes later, the words read - WHERE DO YOU WANT YOUR TUITION $ TO GO? and RESIST STUDENT DEBT. Soon thereafter, a students and passerby citizens stopped to chalk their own sentiments into the pavement next to the main fountain at Washington Square Park.
Their Chalk read - FINANCIAL AID!!!, NOT JON SEXTON'S BROWNSTONE, FREE PRINTING, and more. Participants who chalked into the action were offered individual bubble kits that were the size of a typical Elmer's glue bottle. With chalk drawn, and music playing in the air, students and middle-aged city dwellers alike stopped to chat with the members of The Student Debt Resistance @NYU.
Public engagement was higher than the organizers expected, however, they have plans for grander and improved public events that would help facilitate a dialogue between more students. Perhaps May 2nd, 2014 was the start of a much larger project that could expand to positively affect NYU students tuition costs. Or maybe even become a nationwide movement. The seeds have been planted.

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