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May 1 2016



In March 2016, Chinese feminist activists had planned to launch a crowdfunding campaign against sexual harassment advertisements, and they worked hard to raise 40,000 yuan in a month and a half. However, after perfunctory, evasive, and rejection by the relevant departments, anti-sexual harassment advertisements finally failed to go online. Held the disappointment, Zhang Leilei decided to use the "human body billboard" to promote the idea of against sexual harassment. She decided to live with this billboard for a month and called on 100 people to go out together with the billboard. The activity of "Send 100 Billboards" cooperated with the self-media platform "New Media Women" and was posted on its Weibo account. 100 billboards were quickly claimed by netizens from all over the country. Some people not only often bring signs to go out, but also organize impromptu presentations at tourist attractions; some have designed a set of questionnaires about sexual harassment for passers-by to fill out.

Zhang Leilei dressed herself up in pink and started a life hanging the billboard every day. On May 17, 2017, the National Security Agency brought several policemen to stop Zhang Leilei with her billboard project, and requested she moved out of Guangzhou.

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This performance of carrying billboards every day arouses people's attention on this project of sexual harassment. However, other than the attention on this topic, what extend of knowledge about sexual harassment has been brought up by this performance? The performance itself might distract the people's attention on the topic of sexual harassment but on the practitioners themselves.