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Dec 2 2016



Caleidoscópica Violeta, is a creative space for reflection, dialogue, critique, and praxis of pop contemporary feminism. It is also an initiative that seeks to reflect on the role of women in the history of modern art. Historically, the role of women in art has been stolen by the patriarchy. Recognizing this as a feminist artist, I propose this festival as a way to open new spaces for women protagonists in the arts.

The idea of creating such a festival in the context of today's Mexico is about generating networks of creation that question the artistic scene that for years has been dominated by men. And question a scene where women have needed to be naked and within the studio of a male artist who wants to portray them, often violating the representation of their bodies and relegating them to simple merchandise for the cultural industry. Understanding that the time has come to dignify the historical role of women in art, in the Caleidoscópica Violeta, we seek to make room for all the oppressed genders that want to use feminism as a current of liberation and inspiration to showcase the freedom of creativity.

The last version was in 2016.

Now we are working on a new version

Check the video for a summary (or copy and paste the link in your browser):

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